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All our team Managers and Coaches hold FA coaching qualifications and are FA DBS cleared, First Aid trained and Child Safeguarding certified.

Home Venue Ladybridge High

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Lancashire FA Club of the year 2020

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lancashire FA Adult coach of the year 2020

Darren Winnard

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Lancashire FA Youth Coach of the year Award 2020

Darren Winnard

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Lancashire FA Youth Coach of the year Award 2020


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Volunteer of the Year Award 2019 Darren winnard

Volunteer of the Year Award 2019 Ellie Winnard

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Coach of the Year Award 2018 Darren Winnard

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Volunteer of the Year Award 2017 Darren Winnard

Here at AFC Bolton, we offer a weekly training session with an additional weekend game.  Throughout the season we have our league and cup games with the much-loved tournaments at the end of the season. We always look to keep the players playing football even when we have the gap weeks within the season we look to arrange friendlies or arrange team bond sessions.

 All our team Managers and Coaches hold FA coaching qualifications and are FA DBS cleared, First Aid trained and Child Safeguarding certified.

 We have a friendly and family feel at AFC Bolton. We regularly hold charity events, fundraising events and fun days out for all involved with the club.  Everyone involved with the club are all committed volunteers who give up their time to support and help the club grow in any way possible. If you want to be involved don’t hesitate to get in touch!

 We are affiliated to the Lancashire FA.

 We are always looking for the club to grow, If you want to be part of this new exciting club whether your a new/experienced player or team and want a new challenge please contact us!

 Thank you for visiting our site, check out our social media links to keep up to date with all the latest news and events. 


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AFC Bolton
AFC Bolton
Happy birthday to our Boys Football Operations Manager, Arron. Hope you have a great day from everyone at AFC Bolton 🎉🎊🎁🎈🎂🥳

#afcbolton ⚽️🤍
AFC Bolton
AFC Bolton
Weekend Fixtures

Girls - Saturday
U11 v Funsportz - 10am - H - LBH

Boys - Saturday
U7 Grey v No Game
U7 Yellow v No Game
U8 Grey v Leigh Troopers - 9am - H - LBH
U8 Yellow v Oxford Grove - TBC - A
U9 Grey v No Game
U9 Yellow v Ladybridge Leapords - 10.30am - H - LBH
U10 Grey v No Game
U10 Yellow v Oxford Grove Jaguars - 10.15am - A
U11 v Old Riv Jets - 10am - H - Essa
U12 v Moss Bank - 9:15am - A
U14 v Turton whites - 9am - H - LBH
U17 v Middleton - 9am - H - Essa

Girls - Sunday
U7 v Westbury Sports Club U7 Flames Girls - 9am - A
U8 Grey v No Game
U8 Yellow v No Game
U9 v Prestwich Marauders - 11am A
U10 Grey v Winton Wanderers - 10am - H - LBH
U10 Yellow v Rammy White Rapids - 10am - H - LBH
U11 Grey v Bolton Lads and Girls Club - 11.45am - A
U11 Yellow v Haslingden Storms - 10am - H - LBH
U12 v Wigan - 9.15am - A
U13 v Prestwich Storm - 11.30am - H - Essa
U14 v Winton Wanderers - 11.30am - H - LBH
U16 v Walshaw Sports Club - 10.30am - A

Ladies - Sunday
Ladies 1st v Greater Manchester Women - 2pm - A
Ladies Recreational v Longford Ladies - 2pm - H - LBH

Mens - Sunday
Men v Newbury - 11am - A

Good luck guys and enjoy your games

#afcbolton ⚽️🤍
AFC Bolton
AFC Bolton

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AFC Bolton
AFC Bolton
AFC Bolton Greys under 11s vs Wigan athletic Blues match report ⚽️

Would it be 3rd time lucky for the AFC Under 11 Greys today? Playing home at Ladybridge once more to their newfound nemesis - Leauge Giants Wigan Athletic.

The girls strode onto the field with a somewhat devil-may-care attitude this morning. Laughter, jokes, and some new dance moves from Tilly heralded a more playful Greys side. Would this translate into a more relaxed and confident AFC game? The whistle blew and it was time to find out….

The Wigan tactic of the last two weeks has been to use their statuesque forwards to smash though the AFC defence. However, the return of Gabriella Gill - our own personal Goliath – immediately made this a more difficult proposition than previous weeks. The titans clashed from kick off in centre field, with Gabs matching the visitors’ strength and solidly anchoring our back line. Ably assisted by Jocelyn and Sienna, the trio played the half of their lives. Holding firm and shouting loud, clear instruction to keep the opposition offside and marking/claiming their players - the confidence was palpable. Joss repeatedly tracked back to shut down the Wigan wingers at the crucial moment. With three intercepts on the bounce, she held the assault at bay in spectacular fashion. Sienna too played out of her skin, pressurising many runs on the AFC net into hasty shots. With attackers rattled, Tilly could comfortably come off her line to perform trademark dives to feet and then provide long balls up field.

The first half was anything but a one-sided affair, this energised AFC side created some amazing chances at the other end of the pitch too. Maisie became a one-woman army at one stage early on, somehow running the ball into - and straight through! - a tight group of three Wigan players. The fourth was a step too far though, a late tackle brought her down providing a free kick that grazed the outer edge of the post and just went wide.

Last weeks’ beautiful set piece made a reappearance. Joy and Maisie playing pitch perfect One-Two’s for Joy to rattle the woodwork of the Wigan goal not once but twice. The second, following a stunning play out from the back, saw Summer pouncing on Joy’s rebound to volley a shot that nearly knocked the Visitor’s keeper off her feet. Not yet finished for the Half, Summer managed a run the full length of the pitch, skipping through opposition players and nipping at their heels like a terrier, eventually winning a corner for the home side. Nieve came on in the latter stages providing a throw into space that appeared to have rockets attached. Summer snatched that free ball for a third attempt on goal that scuffed the post as it sailed past – ending the first half.

The girls literally bounced back onto the pitch for the second half, the Wigan players seeming the more subdued of the two sides despite holding the advantage. The flow of play for most of this segment was quite even. Brooke and Nieve dropped readily into defence, covering the corners of the pitch well and preventing those lightning crosses from Wigan that are often so dangerous. Once more, Gabs held the centre of the pitch like a nightclub Bouncer. Sienna, Nieve, Joanna and Joss followed her lead, utterly unyielding and solid to the point of injury - sadly the case for both Sienna and Joanna who had to come off at separate points.

The vibes on the pitch were amazing to see too, and heads never bowed despite the unrelenting pace of the game and mounting frustration with the lack of a goal. Joy piled on the misery for the Wigan defenders, wrestling her way through with all the conscience of a charging rhino, firing three shots in rapid succession. Never greedy, she also played intelligent passes off to her teammates in better positions too, with strikes coming from Summer, Iyla and Maisie – but all to no avail. The Wigan goalkeeper was admittedly having a stunning day as she performed save after save.

Not to be outdone, Tilly continued her tradition of nail biting saves as she punched one shot away. Summer managed to beat her Wigan player to that ball, scuffing a clearance across the goalmouth that spun maniacally – bouncing backwards to the goal line instead of away from the net! Scurrying on all fours to the ball like a squirrel, Tilly made the save on the line, but stood up looking a heart attack might be in the offing!

To sum up the girls’ spirit and attitude in this match look no further than the last kick of the game by Joy. A run from the back line, all the way to the opposition goal - then a pass to Maisie to hammer a last shot at the keeper right on the whistle. The girls never gave up this week and made us all so proud with their performance both individually and as a team.

Two PotM’s today! Sienna for sheer guts and determination. Chasing every ball and throwing herself into every challenge – both literally and figuratively till she was stretchered off! A real hero.
Second PoTM was Joy. Not just grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck, also giving it a shoulder barge, and wrestling it to the ground for good measure. Joy was a Terminator out there today, her head never drooped, and she literally didn’t stop running and battling till the final whistle.

Thanks you to our Match Sponsor IDNS

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At AFC Bolton we aspire to provide quality training, development and education for the benefit of the individual, team and football club by qualified coaches. Where football can be played and enjoyed by all ages from 4, welcoming players of any gender, ability or age. We will endeavour to facilitate the provision of the best playing amenities and equipment available to us in line with the growth of the sport. Whilst always providing safe and secure surroundings.


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Ladybridge High School, New York, Bolton, BL3 4NG

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